Online banking

Use at your mobile device or tablet

Electronic Banking Services

The multi-channel platform for electronic banking “winbank” provides access to your Piraeus Bank Bulgaria products from any spot in the world. You will no longer waste time to make your routine bank transactions or check the status of your bank products. Take advantage of the privileges of doing all your bank transactions from your home or office at your convenient time by using winbank. It is easy, fast and secure.

winbank allows you to:

  • Get information on your portfolio of products in Piraeus Bank Bulgaria: accounts, deposits, credit cards, loans;
  • Execute in real time transfers in BGN or foreign currencies within your own accounts or to your business partners who have accounts with Piraeus Bank Bulgaria;
  • Execute non cash payments in BGN through the Systems BISERA and RINGS (RTGS) and in foreign currencies through SWIFT within the country or abroad from your current accounts or from your termless deposits in Piraeus Bank Bulgaria;
  • Submit payroll or other mass payments files to accounts opened with Piraeus Bank Bulgaria or other banks, both in Bulgarian levs and foreign currencies;
  • Pay off utility bills and local taxes;
  • Make foreign exchange deals;
  • Send online the transaction-related documents demanded by the Bulgarian legislature;
  • Pay off your credit card (Visa and MasterCard) balances issued by Piraeus Bank Bulgaria;
  • Apply for the issuance of a debit card (individuals only);
  • Open a time deposit;
  • Get registered for receiving email and sms alerts for your credit or debit card;
  • Obtain information about the current status and transactions in your Piraeus Bank Bulgaria accounts as well as total balances, including e-mail statements, free of charge;
  • Submit withdrawal notice to your servicing branch;
  • Send a message to your Piraeus Bank Bulgaria servicing branch.

Our services are available via the following channels:

winbank web banking – for access via personal computer;

winbank mobile apps – specially developed applications for  smart phones/tablets working on Android or iOS;

winbank mobile (via browser) – for access via mobile browser from smart phones, regardless of the operating system;

credit cards online – to get acquainted with the balance, transactions and the statements of your credit cards.


Registration and Documents

It is so easy, fast and free of charge to register for our winbank services.

  • For Individuals

To make it easier for you, we don’t ask you to fill out an application form.

We invite you to visit any of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria branches, where, after you present your id or passport, you will be registered within minutes for the на winbank web banking and winbank mobile (credentials and permissions for winbank web banking are also valid for winbank mobile).

To activate „credit cards online“ channel, you only need to fill in the fields on the screen.

  • For Legal Entities

If you wish to register your company for the winbank web banking service, you are requested to visit you Piraeus Bank Bulgaria servicing branch and submit the “Application form for winbank for legal entities”.