Online banking

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Money Transfers

The well developed branch network of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD, as well as the network of its correspondents, allows you to send payment orders or to receive payments to and from everywhere in the world promptly, securely and efficiently. In addition to that, with its new generation payment systems (for payments in BGN and currencies), Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD, forwards all your payments in an automated way, thus discarding all the risks of delay or erroneous transfers. 

Every payment order of yours may be deposited at the bank in the original (on paper carrier) or sent electronically through using our Internet system winbank. Aiming at better service for its clients, Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD decided to encourage the use of winbank, by decreasing all the prices for your payment orders electronically sent to the bank. Moreover, by submitting your order through winbank, you can be sure that your order will be processed automatically by the Bank, which in itself is a guarantee for security, promptness and quality. 

Through the centralized system (working in real time) of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD, you have the possibility to be mobile in managing your accounts, by having access and the right to order payments from each of the bank branches, no matter where your account was opened.