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Foreign currency transfers

Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD is a part of Piraeus Bank Group, which has strong presence in the countries of the Balkan Region and south-eastern Mediterranean area. This allows Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD to offer its clients through No Borders service, express payments on lower prices within the Bank Group. Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD is SEPA Credit Transfer scheme participant and is the first bank in Bulgaria, which build its own infrastructure for execution of  SEPA Credit Transfers. Piraeus Bank Bulgaria was also among the first banks in Bulgaria, which have become direct participants in TARGET2, through the system component of BNB - TARGET2-BNB. As a direct participant in TARGET 2, Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD can perform express transfers in euro in real time. Besides express transfers, Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD can perform non-express transfers in euro through TARGET2, which means that the funds are deposited to account of the beneficiary bank - direct participant, in the beginning of the working day of a value date specified by the originator.
Moreover, the Bank has a well-developed network of correspondent banks, which enables you to initiate and receive payments to and from anywhere in the world promptly, securely and efficiently.