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Pay Portal

Pay Portal is a service, specifically designed for clients using "winbank", the electronic banking of Piraeus Bank, to pay online:

  • the full range of utility bills to over 270 providers countrywide
  • local (municipal) taxes and fees (to Sofia Municipality and Varna, Botevgrad, Svilengrad, Sandanski, Sliven, Asenovgrad, Dupnitsa and Veliko Tarnovo municipalities)

The benefits for you

  • You save time paying fast and easily your obligations and bills online: no standing in queues and carrying cash with you
  • Pay obligations as an individual or as a company
  • You can pay your own bills/obligations or those of your close relatives
  • You can make payments from your accounts in BGN or other foreign currency 

Utility bills

  • You can pay fast and conveniently utility bills for electricity, heating, gas, plumbing, telecommunication services, Internet providers, cable and satellite television, security services, etc. to over 270 providers from all over Bulgaria
  • The registration process is very easy: a client / subscriber number is all that you need
  • You can select if you wish your registered utility bills to be paid automatically or after your confirmation. You can switch easily online and free of charge between these two modes of bills’ payment anytime
  • You can set a maximum amount for a payment and a final term for the automatically processed payments
  • When you select “automatic mode of payment” of the utility bills we will take care not to miss a due obligation: we are checking for unpaid obligations on a daily basis

You are notified, through the option for SMS and email notifications for

  • a new bill received under a registered utility service
  • a successfully paid utility bill
  • not paid utility bills – in case you have applied for the automatic payment mode we will inform you after each fifth unsuccessful attempt to pay during the month

You can also apply for regular automatic payment of utility bills in any branch of Piraeus Bank: the registration is free, regardless of the number of subscriber / customer numbers registered. Through your account in "winbank", the electronic banking service, you can manage the registered utility bills, get informed on the payments made, with no need to visit your servicing branch.

 Local taxes and fees

  • You can pay online, fast and easily, escaping the queues, your local taxes and fees to Sofia Municipality and Varna, Botevgrad, Svilengrad, Sandanski, Sliven, Asenovgrad, Dupnitsa and Veliko Tarnovo municipalities! 
    • Property tax
    • Fee for municipal waste
    • Tax on vehicles
    • Fee for owning a dog
  • The process for checking of obligations and registration (optional) of the liable person is very easy. All you need is to have at hand the personal / unique identifier number (EGN / Bulstat / PNF) and liability number or automobile registration number of the liable person/party.
  • You are notified for any local taxes and fees due applying for the SMS и еmail alerts service
  • The payments are recorded in real time in the systems of Municipalities.


For payment of utility bills:

  • automatic or after confirmation: BGN 0.15
  • For SMS notification: BGN 0.10

Local taxes and fees:

  • payments from individual's accounts: BGN 0.45
  • payments from company''s accounts: BGN 0.75
  • SMS notification: BGN 0.10

If you need more information for this bank service, you can contact our Call Center at 0 700 12 002 or send us an e-mail at Please fill in your name and telephone number, in order to be able to contact you.