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Transactions in Foreign Corporate Debt Securities

Piraeus Bank AD is a member of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange JSC and the Central Depository JSC.

As an investment intermediary, Piraeus Bank PLC offers its clients a full range of services in the Bulgarian capital market:

- Equity and bond transactions of companies listed on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange;
- Trading in compensatory instruments (compensatory notes, residential compensatory notes, registered compensatory notes);
- Management of individual security and/or money portfolios;
- Initial Public Offerings of securities;
- Underwriting of security issues;
- Advisory services on investment projects;
- Organizing auctions for purchase of securities;
- Investment mediation and analysis of privatization deals;
- Transactions on foreign stock exchanges;
- Purchase and sale of financial derivatives.

Mediation in the purchase or sale of corporate securities (shares and bonds) and compensatory instruments.

Piraeus Bank AD offers its clients mediation in security transactions.
The Bank accepts orders for security transactions in all its branches. These are executed in compliance with the client's instructions, with the necessary accuracy and precision, and at the best possible prices.