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Why Buy Gold as Investment?

Buying gold is a strictly personal and confidential investment.
Gold is an asset with a proven quality due to its finite nature. It is highly liquid and has all the properties of money and a major advantage to it - immunity against inflation.

What is the best time to buy gold? The answer is always the same: Right now! Gold is a time investment. For the undecided investor who treats this eternal companion of our social and economic life with mistrust, it is advisable that he should get acquainted with the "whys" and "whens" of buying gold.

  • Gold is a precious long-term reserve, which has the advantage of being one of the last resorts in times of money shortages.
  • Gold is divisible, easily transportable and relatively indestructible.
  • Unlike the world currencies, gold is not subjected to inflationary pressure, which indisputably makes it a more reliable medium of payment than money in times of crisis.
  • Gold can easily be recognized and can serve as a medium of payment all over the world.

Gold can be bought in different forms, but when it comes to making a serious convertible investment in this precious metal, coins, ingots and bars are best. The weight and purity of investment gold are controlled with great precision in terms of standards agreed by all internationally recognized gold refineries and mints
Each investment coin, ingot or bar bears the information that defines and guarantees its purity and weight. The gold investment coins are weighed in ounces and their purity is warranted by the official institutions of the issuing country. This is the main reason why investment gold coins do not go with authenticity certificates in the same way as do banknotes.

There are different opinions about what type of gold investment we should buy. On the one hand there are the investment coins and on the other hand, the ingots and bars. The final decision is a matter of personal choice.