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Utility payments

One service - lot of opportunities 

Main things:

Save your time and secure your comfort with Piraeus Bank. The Utility payments service provides automated payment of your monthly utility expenses for household and business. 

The service Utility payments provide you following possibilities:
- Payment of periodic bills for services of more than 80 providers: electric power, steam heating, water, cable and digital television, telephone, Internet, etc.;
- Choose through different payment options: debit card Maestro, credit card Visa or MasterCard, current or saving account in BGN;
- Receive SMS or e-mail notification for the status of your payments;
- set up maximum limit of the automated payment;


The service Utility payments bring you following benefits:

  •  Convenient and secure way to pay periodic utility bills;
  •  Good time management and planning with no risk to delay or miss the payment;
  •  Security and control of the payments.

Thinks that should be known:

- Subscription is possible at PBB branches
- The one thing to submit are last invoices for payments to the respective service provider/merchant;
- More than one user o the same merchant could be subscribed; 
- Data update is possible at any time 

All fees and commissions are as per the Bank Tariff