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Working capital loans

Our goal is to offer the most suitable financial product and flexible financing solutions, according to the specific needs for your company. 

  • Working capital line of credit and/or bank guarantee (L/Gs) and Letters of credit (L/C) issuance for a term of 12 months with a revolving option;
  • Lines of credit for a term of up to 3 years with an annual renewal of the utilization period and a fixed repayment schedule, if requested by the client;
  • Lines of credit for financing VAT receivables;
  • Working capital loans for the purchase of raw materials;
  • Financing against warehouse receipts;
  • Financing against receivables;
  • Credit lines for discounting agricultural subsidies;
  • Overdrafts;
  • Bank gurantees (L/Gs) and Letters of credit (L/C) issuance;
  • Discounting of letters of credit;
  • Trade payments.

Interest Rates and Fees:

Interest rates and fees on working capital loans are negotiable.

Collateral structure is determined in accordance to the credit risk.

Fees for the L/C and L/G issuance are negotiable.