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Piraeus Cash Manager for Companies

Piraeus Cash Manager for companies combines the advantages of a current account Piraeus Express and Overnight deposit. The program provides you convenience and flexibility in performing all necessary transactions for your business while getting high return every day.
At the end of the day, the system checks the account's available balance and automatically creates overnight deposit with the available amount over the fixed cap amount. In the morning of the next working day the overnight deposit matures and capital plus interest accrued is automatically transferred in the current account. The deposit will be renewed automatically every night if you not disable the program functioning.

Main characteristics of Piraeus Cash Manager for Companies

  • Currency - BGN, EUR and USD
  • Fixed Cap amount - 2 500 BGN / 1 250 EUR/USD
  • Minimum amount for activation of the Overnight deposit - 25 000 BGN/ 12 500 EUR/USD
  • Interest rates – 0,02% BGN, 0,01% EUR and 0,01% for USD

Additional benefits

  • All kind of bank transactions with Current account Piraeus Express
  • No fees for opening, closing and maintenance of the Program
  • The Program services can be activated/deactivated as many times as you want without fees
  • All kind of bank transactions with Piraeus On-line Banking

If you need more information for this bank product, you can contact our Call Center at 0 700 12 002 or send us e-mail at with full name and telephone number, in order to receive a call from us.