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Investment loans


If you represent a company with small or medium sized business and clear loan history (without overdue liabilities to the state, banks and suppliers) and you develop your activities in this sector for more than two years, then you should know, that you satisfy the requirements for taking loan for investment projects financing.

Purpose of the loan:

  • Energy efficient equipment, which saves energy and reduces energy costs
  • Purchase and installation of equipment, systems and processes utilising renewable energy sources for generation of heat and/or cooling for SME's own operational needs and not for grid connection.
  • Production equipment, leading to a reduction in energy intensity (kWh / unit)
  • Purchase, finishing works or repairs of warehouses and production premises or laboratories
  • Purchase, finishing works or repairs of shops and offices
  • Purchase of new machines or equipment

Loan amount- unlimited 
Interest Rate: negotiable
Disbursement - at once or on tranches
Grace period: up to 12 months
Collateral: negotiable