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Agricultural Loan under Direct payments schemes and measures

Target group: Agricultural producers who had applied for subsidy under Direct payments schemes and measures

Purpose: Bridge financing upon receiving of the EU subsidy

Loan amount:  Maximum BGN 500 000

Up to 95% from the estimated subsidy amount under:

  • Single Area Payment
  • Green direct payments
  • Redistributive payment scheme
  • Bound support for animals

Up to 60 % from the received subsidies  under Campaign 2015 and PRSR 2014-2020  for  :

  • Measure 10 - Agroecology and climate
  • Measure 11 Biological farming
  • Measure 12 Natura 2000

Currency: BGN

Interest Rate:

Reference interest rate + bank spread

Term of the loan: until receiving of the subsidy for the respective year.

Interest payment: Monthly

Repayment: Automatically upon receiving the subsidy


  • Special pledge on the subsidy
  • The owners of the company  become co-borrowers
  • Pledge on all accounts of the borrower with the bank


  • 1% annually, min. BGN 100

Other terms: Required business history - minimum 3 years.