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Credit for investment in agriculture sector

Joint program with the state fund "agriculture" (sfa) to finance projects approved by them for investments in agriculture sector. 

Borrowers: Individuals and entities registered as farmers in regional divisions "Agriculture and Forestry" 

Purpose: To implement projects in the following areas: 

- Plant-growing - creation, restoration and cultivation of perennial plants and investments in greenhouses ----- Stock-Breeding - creation and buying pure, hybrid and stock animals
- Technical support - purchase of new machinery, equipment and inventory used in agriculture 

Loan Amount: 70% of the project 

Currency: BGN 

Interest: 7% annualy

Term: As required by SFA 

Grace period: Negotiable 

Dibursement: Against documents 

Repayment: Negotiable 


  • mortgage, pledge of fixed assets
  • Contract for financial security
  • Others at bank's requierments

Fees: According the Bank's tariff