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Product for SME lending ” Free lances”

Borrowers :Doctors and Dentists, Pharmaceutics, Lawyers, Notaries, Chartered accountants, Architects and Civil engineers.

Maximum loan amount: BGN 600 000

Currency: BGN, EUR

Purpose of the loan:

  • purchase of equipment
  • purchase, completing works and repair of real estate for business needs

 Interest Rate:

3M Sofibor + spread

3M Euribor + spread

Loan Security:

Dependя on the purpose of the loan:

  • First rank mortgage on property owned by the borrower or third party
  • Pledge on the purchased equipment
  • Personal guarantees
  • Guarantee from National Guarantee Fund

Term of credit:

  • Up to 84 months for equipment purchase
  • Up to 240 months for real estate purchase

 Repayment Method:

  • Monthly installments (principal + interest)

  • Annuity monthly installment

Grace period: Max.12 months only for the principal.


  • Loan application (set of credit documents) - Free of charge
  • Ppreliminary investigations and preparation of an opinion on filed request to use bank loan – 0,1 % min. BGN 50;
  • Processing and management fee -1 % at once on disbursement, min. BGN 100;
  • 0.80 % for every next year on the outstanding
  • Other fees according to the tariff of the bank.

Promotion: Overdraft up to 10% of the approved investment loan without fees.