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Investment loan for construction companies under REECL

Purpose of the loan: To finance up to 100 % of the investment cost of EE part of the budget for new construction of buildings    

Loan amount:  Maximum EUR 1 000 000

Currency – BGN or  EUR

Interest Rate:

Min. 3MSOFIBOR + 3.5 %

Max. 3MSOFIBOR + 3.5 %

Term of the loan:   Up to 36 months

Grace period:  Up to  12  months

Management fee: - 1 % over the approved  loan amount for the first year and  1 % over the outstanding loan amount  for every next year

Prepayment fee : -  Мinimum  1% on the prepaid amount

Repayments :  Equal monthly principle  installments after the grace period. One early repayment from the received grant 

Security: According the  Bank credit policy

Note: The budget of the project and the eligibility to be included in the program REECL must be approved by the Project Office of the Program.

To find out more about this product, you can call at any of the business centers or branches of the bank or send us a contact form.

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