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Wage payments

Piraeus Bank Bulgaria Ltd accepts orders for wage payments to your employees. Send us a file in a pre arranged format and you'll have the opportunity to order the wage payments of your employees within Piraeus Bank Bulgaria Ltd as well as to other banks in the country.

  • Piraeus Bank Bulgaria Ltd will open accounts and will issue debit cards to all your employees - all you need to do is send is a list of the names with their Uniform Citizen's Numbers and copies of their ID cards.
  • Your employees can get their debit card on presentation of their ID cards in the Bank as well as in the office of your company from our representative.
  • The Bank executes the transfer and replenishes the money into the accounts within the working hours of the day the company made the order.
  • In the presence of a wage payment agreement, the Bank gives your employees the opportunity to have overdraft privilege on the card account.

For more information, please visit one of our branches.