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Internship Program 2018

Have you graduated your higher education or you are still a student?

 You want to gain experience in your professional field or in the field, in which you wish to develop yourself?

 Join the internship program of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria.

 Join us and we will teach you the basics of the banking and will give you the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in numerous fields including:

 Branch Network – You will get familiar with the products and the services of the Bank. Also learn about the key processes in the branch and the good banking services.

 Business Centers for Medium-sized Enterprises Lending – You will get familiar with the Bank’s products and services for medium-sized enterprises. You will be able to participate in the processes of analysis and meetings with clients.

 Retail Banking and Credit Center – You will get familiar with the products and services for individuals and processes of analysis and approval of the client’s loans. You will be able to administer and service customer’s queries regarding products, services and rules of the Bank.

 Sales Management – You will be able to get familiar and support the processes of execution of the strategy and sales plan, development of sales channels and market research for new opportunities.

 Card Center – You will participate in projects, connected with card products. You will participate in the monitoring of the debit and credit cards transaction did by the Piraeus Bank’s cardholders.

 Corporate Banking – You will learn to support relations with new and existing corporate clients with the purpose of long-term cooperation.

 Real Estate – You will assist in the real estate management of the Bank. You will participate in the correspondence with real estate agencies and prepare the necessary documents.

 Information Technology – You will support the development and maintenance of the Banking systems.

 Judicial Loans to Legal Entities – You will carry out activities of monitoring and collection of problem and judicial loans of Bank’s legal entities.

 Rescue Loans to Individuals – You will participate in the monitoring process of the overdue and unpaid installments of individual obligations and will take action for their repayment.

 Legal Department – You will learn the processes of assistance and protecting the legal interests of the Bank. Also you will take the necessary actions to comply with the legality of internal bank policies and procedures.

 Credit Administration – You will participate in processes of administration, absorption and full repayment of the loans.

 Risk Management – You will participate in the use of valuation models for foreign exchange, interest rate, credit, liquidity and operational risk.

 Finance Control – You will cooperate in preparation of various internal and external reports and assist for control of the financial plan and budget execution of the Bank.

 Organization and Maintenance of Operations – You will have the opportunity to participate in coordination and collecting of the business requirements for the launch of new products, defining and testing the new functionalities of the banking systems.

 Human Resources – You will assist in various projects in the administration, selection, training and development of human resources in the Bank.

 Marketing – You will help to create and maintain the corporate identity of the Bank, participate in implementation of the marketing strategies, conducting advertising and PR campaigns.

 Through the internship programs you will have the opportunity:

  • To gain practical experience
  • To be part of professional team for a period of 1, 3 or 6 months on full-time
  • To build corporate behavior and business ethics
  • To continue your progress in Piraeus Bank Group after showing good results and desire

 In order to be an "intern" it is necessary to: 

  • Be a student in second or higher course, or graduated
  • Have good computer skills
  • Be fluent in English        
  • Love to communicate and be a "team player"

 Offers for available positions can be seen on Career Section.