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The current Cookies policy is aimed at acquainting you with the specific features and the relevance of using Cookies on the websites of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria AD.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies, also known as tracking cookies, browser cookies and HTTP cookies, are small text files stored on your computer after your visit to a certain website. The text file is a coded packet of information sent by a web server to your web browser, and then returned from the browser every time it got access to this server. Cookies are not dangerous to your online security - they are neither spyware, nor viruses. In the text file there is no personal information, your personal data are not a subject of cookies memorizing.
Cookies perform certain functions (including your differentiation from the rest of the users on the website or to memorize certain information related to you, such as your preferences) and are used by most sites to facilitate your browsing. A cookie will help your website or other websites to recognize your device the next time you visit it.

What kind of Cookies does Piraeus Bank website use?

Cookies tracking user’s visitation: This type of cookies enable the Bank to receive information about visitor’s behavior on the website, mainly about pages viewed, source of visit, time spent on the website but not only that. The information is anonymous, it does not contain personal data and the visitor can not be identified by the Bank by the meaning of the Act.

Advertising Cookies: This type of cookies makes it possible to customize the advertising of the Bank in other websites and social networks to users who visit or have visited our website. Advertising cookies allow measurement of advertising and promotional campaigns effectiveness that the Bank implements on the Internet.

How to control Cookies?

If you do not want to accept Cookies, you can disable them from your browser settings menu and also most of the browsers could be set to block them. For more information, please visit the official website of the company responsible for your browser. More information about how businesses use cookies is available at: It is important to know that disabling cookies can lead to disturbances in functionality of website of the Bank.