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Change in credit cards purchase bonuses

Dear clients,

With the current we would like to inform you that as of 25 June 2016 Piraeus Bank Bulgaria amends the calculation of bonus for purchases with credit cards as follows:

International credit cards VISA Classic, Visa Gold and MasterCard KNSB

1%, max BGN 30 monthly for purchases performed in Bulgaria in selected merchant groups – supermarkets, department stores, clothing and airlines.

International charity credit card Piraeus Unicef

1%, max BGN 30 monthly for purchases performed in Bulgaria

From: Management of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria S.A.

Date: 25 April 2016

„In your capacity as a user of payment services, we would like to inform you that with the publication of the present notice is deemed that you are officially notified of the changes specified therein. In case you do not accept the specified changes you should notify in written the Bank prior to their entry into force. In this case you will be deemed to exercise your right to terminate the contractual relationships with Piraeus Bank Bulgaria S.A., without being liable for costs and damages related to the termination. The right of pre-term termination is not applicable in case of financial obligations to Piraeus Bank Bulgaria S.A. that have not been paid by the date of entry into force of the amendments and/or in case of imposed distraints and/or other restrictions, regardless of their type and reason."