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Agricultural producers

Current account for Farmers

Payment account for agricultural producers for receiving of subsidies from the European Union


Currency- BGN

Term – termless
Minimum balance – BGN 10,00
Interest rates – 0,00% Annual interest rate

Withdrawal / Depositiоn

  • no limitation for withdrawal and depositing;
  • Funds on account are available up to the amount of account balance and above the required minimum


  • Account opening – Free of charge
  • Account maintenance fee - according the actual Bank's Tariff
  • Account closing fee - according to the actual Bank's Tariff
  • All fees and charges not specified are according the actual Bank's Tariff

* For opening of the account agricultural producers , have to submit a copy from the application form to State Fund Agriculture - Paying Agency. 

For more information for this bank product, you can contact our Call Center at 0 700 12 002 or send us e-mail to with full name and telephone number, in order to receive a call from us.