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Deposit Program Piraeus Cash Manager

Enjoy high return and flexibility with the innovative deposit program Piraeus Cash Manager!

Piraeus Cash Manager program for individuals combines the advantages of a savings account and Weekly term deposit providing benefits of the two products at the same - flexibility, convenience and high return.

With Piraeus Cash Manager program you indicate amount of money which will remain available in your savings account for covering your weekly needs while the rest of the funds will be automatically invested in a weekly term deposit with attractive interest rate.

Characteristics of Piraeus Cash Manager Program

Savings Account Piraeus Cash Manager

  •  Currency - BGN, EUR and USD 
  •  Minimum amount for initially opening - 250 BGN / 125 EUR/USD 
  •  Interest rates – 0,01%  for BGN, 0,01%  for EUR and 0,01% for USD 
  •  No fees for opening and closing
  •  Account maintenance 0,50 BGN

Weekly Term Deposit Piraeus Cash Manager

  •  Currency - BGN, EUR and USD 
  •  Interest rates – 0,03%  for BGN, 0,02%  for EUR and 0,04% for USD 
  •  Term - 1 week 
  •  Minimum amount for activation of the deposit - 2 500 BGN/ 1 250 EUR/USD

Additional benefits

  •  You can be notified about the maturity of your deposit trough SMS, e-mail, Branch network - free of charges 
  •  The Program's deposit services can be activated/deactivated as many times as you want without fees 
  •  You can change the cap amount according to your needs, without limitations and fees 
  •  Debit card Visa Electron or Debit MasterCard (Not available for accounts in US Dollars)

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