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Piraeus Deposit 18

  • Characteristics

    With Deposit 18 you get your interest on every 3 months 

    Currency: BGN, EUR. USD

    Minimum amount for opening: BGN 500, EUR 250 or USD 250

    Interest payment: Accrued interest is paid every 3 months with no possibility for capitalization

    Additional depositing/withdrawing: Only on maturity 

    Renewal: On maturity, the deposit is automatically renewed in the same deposit product, for the same period with interest rates applicable for this product in the official Interest Rates Bulletin of the Bank in the moment of renewal. 

    Closing before maturity: the deposit shall incur interest at an annual interest rate equal to the current account for the respective currency, according to the current Interest Rate Bulletin at the time of withdrawal, for the period from the opening date / deposit Products with no automatic renewal / or from the date of the last maturity / for automatically renewed deposit products / until the date of the early withdrawal, and the deposit is closed and the interest paid so far is deducted from the principal of the deposit.

    Interest rates:


    Minimum amount

    Annual interest










    If you need more information for this bank product, you can contact our Call Center at 0 700 12 002 or send us e-mail at  with full name and telephone number, in order to receive a call from us.

    Here you can calculate the amount of your deposit.

    Please enter period in range: 18  
    Please enter the sum in range:
    500 BGN +
    1st Period
    Interest Procent
    Interest for Period
    Deposit Amount

    2nd Period
    Interest Procent
    Interest for Period
    Deposit Amount

    3rd Period
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    Common Interest