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Deposit Piraeus Transform

  • Deposit Piraeus Transform is a term deposit, which allows you to change the currency in which you have initially opened it without losing the interest accrued in the respective currency. You can change the currency unlimited number of times whenever you like, without waiting the maturity date.


    Tenor - 12 months

    Currency - BGN, EUR, USD

    Minimum amount for opening - 10 000.01 BGN / 5 000.01 EUR / 5 000.01 USD

    Option for currency conversion - change of the currency of the deposit is possible at any time during the deposit term, unlimited number of times and without losing the interest accrued

    Conversion - in case of currency conversion the Bank applies the officially announced buy/sell FX rates for the day of the transaction. For each transaction there is transactional fee of 0.2% of the principal in the respective currency

    Interest rates - Fixed interest rate for all currency - 0.15%

    Interest paid - the interest is calculated on a daily base and is paid in client's account on maturity or in case of currency conversion

    Capitalization of the interest - Not possible

    Additional depositing - Unlimited additional depositing

    Withdrawal possibility - Not possible

    Closing before maturity - In the event that the Depositor wishes to withdraw funds from his deposit without having fulfilled the above notice of obligation, the deposit will be credited with an annual interest rate equal to the current account for the relevant currency on the day of withdrawal, pursuant to the current Interest Rate Bulletin at the time of withdrawal, for the period from the opening date / for deposit products without automatic renewal / or from the date of the last maturity / for automatically renewed deposit products / until the date of the early withdrawal and the deposit Is closed.

    Renewal - On maturity date, at the end of 12 month, deposit capital and the interest is automatically transferred to client's account

    If you need more information for this bank product, you can contact our Call Center at 0 700 12 002 or send us e-mail  with full name and telephone number, in order to receive a call from us.

    Here you can calculate the amount of your deposit.

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