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With NN on the road and at home

“With NN on the road and at home” insurance is offered in partnership with NN Bulgaria to all individual clients of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria's who have a current or saving account.

Advantages of the insurance:

  • The insurance is valid 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, at home, on the road and at work
  • Provides financial support in case of an incident and the related unexpected treatment and recovery costs
  • Wide territorial scope, including Bulgaria, European economic area and worldwide*
  • Very attractive value for money proposal for the provided insurance protection
  • Additional financial indemnity in case of a traffic accident
  • Support to maintain the standard of living in the period of recovery from an accident when the injured person is not able work
  • Automatic payment of the insurance premium from the customer's bank account
  • Possibility to pay the premium in monthly installments, which will not burden the budget.

Insurance parameters:

  • Product term - one year with the possibility of automatic renewal for another year
  • Insured persons - customers of the bank holding a current or a saving account, for 18 to 64 years of age at the beginning of the insurance 
  • Currency – the insurance is concluded in BGN
  • Insurance coverage and insurance premium:



Insurance premium

Insured amount Death

as a result of an (1) Accident / (2) Traffic accident

Insured amount (3) Fracture

Insured amount
(4) Surgery


75.00 BGN

30 000 BGN / 50 000 BGN

% of 4 000 BGN

% of 8 000 BGN


6.50 BGN

30 000 BGN / 50 000 BGN

% of 4 000 BGN

% of 8 000 BGN

*Territorial Scope - Insurance coverage (1) and (2) - Worldwide incl. Bulgaria; (3) and (4) - Bulgaria and the countries of the European Economic Area.
  • The insurance can be concluded in any branch of Piraeus Bank Bulgaria.
  • Documents related to the insurance:
    • Insurance certificate
    • General Terms and Conditions
    • Copy of Direct Debit Transfer Order