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3D SecureCode – for shopping in internet

Piraeus Bank in cooperation with the international card organizations Mastercard and VISA present to the customers services for safe internet payments – 3D Mastercard SecureCode and Verified by Visa.

What is Mastercard SecureCode/Verified by Visa?

It is additional code (different than your PIN) which you used while shopping in internet and it helps you to protect your card against fraud.

3D Secure Code is used only on online merchant sites certified for this functionality which you can identify by the presence of the following logo: 

The registration for 3D Securecode does not limit the functionality of your card and you can freely use it at merchants who have not been enrolled for MasterCard SecureCode/Verified by Visa, in which case the transaction will be processed in the standard way.

The registration for 3D SecureCode can be performed using two options:

  • Obtain a secure code on ATM by choosing one of the options “Temporary code for registration” or “Registration and secure code” (for debit cards Maestro, Mastercard, Visa)
  • Obtain a secure code while you perform a transaction in internet (for debit and credit cards Maestro, Mastercard and Visa)
  • By visiting the below link and using the option “Answer to question for registration”

After obtaining secure code (using the options registration on ATM and Activation during shopping) you should visit the official website of Piraeus Bank and on the link below to create your customer profile:

For Maestro and Mastercard (in Bulgarian)

For Maestro and Mastercard (in English)

For VISA (in Bulgaria)

For VISA (in English)

By using your 3D secure code you can shop in internet following three easy steps:

  • You enter your card number
  • System displays new window branded with Mastercard or VISA logo where you input your secure code, known only by you
  • Bank automatically verifies the code and approve the transaction

Fast, easily and securely – 3D secure code is your solution to protect your card while paying in internet.

General Terms and Conditions for use of the service.